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DOP with sophia AL Maria for whitechapel gallery

Sophia Al-Maria: BCE
12 January 2018 – 28 April 2019
Galleries 5&6, Free Entry

Working on This project with Sophia Al Maria was transformative, I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thursday 15 November 2018 –Marking the culmination of a year-long collaboration as Whitechapel Gallery’s Writer in Residence, this new project from artist, writer and filmmaker Sophia Al-Maria (b. 1983, US) draws on feminism and radical queer politics to consider themes of history and narrative. BCE presents two distinct creation myths side by side – one ancient, one new.

In an ongoing collaboration Al-Maria has invited London-based artist, writer and performer Victoria Sin (b. 1991, Canada) to conceive of a new creation myth in a film work specially-commissioned for Whitechapel Gallery and on show for the first time. Sin performs the myth to camera, interrogating the patriarchal dimensions of sex, race, gender and fertility.



This film directed By Charlotte Toone

. London ballroom house The Legendary International House of Comme des Garçons feature in ‘Gang’ a visual navigation of queer identity, self-exploration and its impact on relationships. 
Track: 'Gang' by Hurricane @hurricane_music
Dancers: Mariana Garçon @mariana.cdg
Tiffany Garçon @tiffany.garcon
Felix Garçon @duanenasis

Director: Charlotte Toon @lottienot
DOP: Julia Fiona Brown @julia_fiona_brown
1st AC: Catharina Scarpellini @catharinasz
Gaffer: Idris Rhys
Spark: Alex Denning @alexanderdavidedward
Production Manager: Tolu Oshodi @lphl_
Production Assistant: Ashley Baptiste @candyelijah
HMUA: Aaliyah Oke @okevisagiste.mua
Wardrobe: Charlotte Toon @lottienot
Wardrobe Assistant: Amie Fasuluku @vexinternational
Edit: Chris Fowles @chrisjfowles
BTS: Tolu Oshodi @lphl_
Celine Fortenbacher @celeesiceline

IDER- You’ve Got Ypur WHole Life Ahead of You Baby

I doped this music video by Homer and Farley.

Paul Maheke at Chisenhale Gallery

I had the pleasure of recording this Performance for archive.

Alistair James AW18 Presentation LFW

Shot this using Canon 5d mark 3